As the author of the "Ask the Expert" column published monthly by the Microsoft Project Users Group (MPUG), we have had the opportunity to answer questions posed by students in classes as well as from the readers of this column.

Below are articles that have been published over the last several years. This page will be updated monthly with the new article of the month as well as other tips and tricks that might be helpful to Microsoft Project users at all levels of experience.

We hope that you will return to this page frequently and that these articles will help you with your questions to help you understand your usage of MS Project and MS Project Server.

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Les A. of Phoenix, AZ wrote: "Just a note to say that your article is pretty much the one I always consistently go to each time an MPUG Issue comes out. I don't consider myself an expert but have been told I am at MS Project. However, if I were to recognize I am an expert by my peers and coworkers it's because of your great techniques and items that I learn from you and pretty much use daily once I pluck them from your articles. A sincere "thanks" for the expert advice and don't stop submitting because you are allowing me to perform very well in my job!"

Ezine Articles
Date Title

2014.04 Import MS Excel data into MS Project – Tips & Troubleshooting
2013.05 MS Project 2013 certification test info
2012.06 Counting Task Occurrences
2012.04 Handling Similar Task Names over Multiple Projects and within the same Project
2012.03 A Successful EPM Implementation is more than Technology
2012.01 Tying Tasks and Assignments across Projects
2011.11 Using the Timeline View to help sell your project
2011.10 Resource is overallocated with 2.5 hours assigned in a day – is this a bug
2011.09 How Calendars and Calendar Options affect Assignments
2011.08 Combining Resources over Multiple Projects
2011.06 Manage Cost and Schedule using Hammock Tasks
2011.05 15 tips and tricks for new users of MS Project
2011.04 Working with Projects offline in MS Project Server 2010
2011.01 Configuring MS Project Server 2010 Enterprise Globals
2010.10 Viewing Summary and detail tasks for overallocated resources
2010.09 Updating the Baseline
2010.08 Quick Project Status Report
2010.07 Managing a large number of resources using the Resource Usage view
2010.05 Exporting Detail Tasks to Excel
2010.04 Creating a report using Task and Resource fields
2010.03 Making Sense out of Current Activity Reports
2010.02 What is going on this week?
2010.01 Using Notes for reports and lesson learned
2009.11 Managing a schedule with Drop-dead deadlines
2009.09 Start after a date and end before a date - Applying 2 constraints on 1 task
2009.08 When Linking Summary Tasks Makes Sense
2009.07 Building What-if Slack Time into Your Schedule
2009.06 Making Interim Plans work for you.
2009.05 Limited resource availability schedule creation
2009.04 Getting buy-in from your users
2009.03 MS Project is like a game of Chess
2009.02 Different results in 2003 vs 2007 and New current date
2008.12 Separate duration complete from work complete
2008.11 Displaying availability exceptions Resource Usage
2008.10 Sometimes self-taught is not a good idea
2008.09 Earned Value is not calculating correctly
2008.06 Recurring Holidays on the Project Calendar
2008.05 Print Sections of a Project Schedule
2008.04 Export to Excel and Keep WBS Structure
2008.02 Are you ready for MS Project Server?
2008.01 Resource Group task report
2007.11 Visual Reports to show Resource Assignments
2007.10 Delay the assignment instead of the task
2007.09 What was the orginial duration for a task?
2007.08 Writing reports to a file in MS Project
2007.07 Creating an Effective WBS
2007.06 MS Project file structure
2007.05 SNET Constraint, Timesheets PWA and Flexiable WBS
2007.04 Linking between 2 projects - a matter of symantics
2007.03 Project Progress Comparison
2007.02 Assigning Resource to Summary Tasks
2007.01 Using Resource filters during assignments
2006.12 Measuring against timeframe without a baseline
2006.11 Using the Drawing Toolbar
2006.10 Project Schedule Security
2006.09 Best Practices Using MS Project Sept. 2006
2006.08 Project Work Space
2006.07 Replace a Resource in a Schedule
2006.06 Resource-Driven Scheduling
2006.05 Importing Projects into Project Server
2006.04 Easy MSP Navigation - April 2006
2006.03 Adjusting FF relationship
2006.02 Before you enter the first task
2006.01 Slipping project view and resource report
2005.12 Scheduling work
2005.11 Where my project went wrong
2005.10 Using the organizer
2005.09 Recurring tasks
2005.08 Replace names on Gantt and resource calendars
2005.07 Misuse of contraints
2005.06 Overallocations
2005.05 Hide summaries and macro
2005.04 Combine multiple plans
2005.03 Create run time filter
2005.02 Date format on Gantt Chart
2005.01 100% complete not showing
2004.12 Arrow direction and copy picture
2004.11 Save several baselines
2004.10 Assign resources to summary task
2004.09 Elapsed time
2004.08 PWA show baseline field in timesheet
2004.07 Task Types
2004.04 Adjust date and set calendar first
Tips and Tricks

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PMI/MPUG/Microsoft March 18, 2014
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MPUG Tips and Best Practices Presentation
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Success Factors for EPM Presentation
MPUG October 2008 Chicago Meeting Answers
Material resources used by the hour - 10-16-08
Replacing a resource on an in-progress task & current date
Critical Path  what determines if a task is critical or not?? 7-10-08
Tips for Creating Templates Using MS Project 6-26-08
Consistant Duration Label Values 5-29-08
Cumulative Resource Totals in Histogram format
Gantt Charts - Different uses for different charts
Resource Allocation Percentage 3-20-08
Resource Leveling - what do the options mean
Tasks by week using Groupings 1-24-08
Stop all the clicking
MS Project 2003 Skill Survey
2007 Microsoft Project Certification Presentation
03-22-07 MPA Exercise - Answers
03-22-07 MPA Exercise
Answers 3-29 MPA exercise
Microsoft MVP - Most Valuable Professional
SPC Adriatics 2014

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Import MS Excel data into MS Project – Tips & Troubleshooting

MS Project 2013 certification test info

Counting Task Occurrences

Handling Similar Task Names over Multiple Projects and within the same Project